Spring Inspections for Your Vehicle


While driving, it is important to avoid hitting a pothole whenever possible. Not only can they be a nuisance, but they can also do damage to the tires and bottom of the vehicle. During the winter, cracks will form due to the moisture and ice expanding any weak fractures in the surface of the road. As these cracks get worse, they can become torn out of the road because of the weight of vehicles driving on it. Snow and rain can fill a pothole, making it hard to see until it is too late. Potholes can form on any road surface, so always keep an eye out for them.



Hitting a pothole can result in anything from a minor jolt to a tire blowing out. If you see a pothole, it can also be dangerous to swerve to avoid it, especially at higher speeds, or other drivers around you. Hitting a pothole is not only hazardous to the tires, but also to the vehicle. This is because when hitting a pothole, the alignment and suspension of the vehicle will adjust to the sudden change. This is because only one tire will suddenly dip below the surface of the road when it hits the pothole. Depending on the severity of the pothole, it may cause damage to the drive shaft, suspension, or even the wheel alignment.



One of the most common reasons why tires blow out is because of potholes. It is also one of the most common road hazards there is. Hitting a pothole hard enough can do damage to the tires internally as well. It can even compromise the safety of you and the passengers after you have hit one. If you hit a pothole and the tire blows, it is important to stay calm. Do not overcorrect or jerk the wheel suddenly. Remain calm and take your foot off the gas. It is recommended to turn into the skid and go with it, and then slowly pull over. Typically there should be no reason to slam on the brakes. This is because the blown tire will act as an anchor and slow the vehicle down anyways. It is also important to have the spare tire for the vehicle inspected on a regular basis. If a regular tire goes flat or blows out, you will need to rely on the spare to get you to a place to have the tire repaired.



If you hit a pothole, make sure to bring your vehicle in as soon as you can. We can check for any signs of damage or long-term issues. We can also inspect the rest of the vehicle for you. An unbalanced wheel can cause unneeded wear and tear to the tread of the tire. This can then lead to uneven wear to the other tires. It is always important to have the vehicle inspected after hitting a pothole, that way you can help to avoid any long term issues.

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