Noises to be Aware of from your Brakes

Making sure the brakes are in the best condition possible is important. This is because you have to rely on the brakes to slow down and stop the vehicle when you need it to. It is important to be aware of when there might be an issue with the brake system.


Different driving conditions can affect brake noise, including severe braking, dusty conditions, or even humidity. Certain high-pitched brake noise happens because the semi-metallic brake pads used on newer cars are harder. It’s a safer and longer-lasting alternative to the asbestos material it replaced. A high-pitched squeal often happens on smaller cars and is heard in the first few stops when brakes are cold and damp. These harder pads that have more metal generally last longer since they’re stronger.


Brake rattle is a common concern for drivers. Most often this will happen when you let up off of the pedal. This could result in the rattle sound you hear. Usually it sounds like the rattle made when shaking a can of spray paint. The most common cause of this noise is the brake pads. Brake pads can rattle sometimes due to heat expansion, especially if they were installed without anti-rattle shims. Keep in mind that this rattle should not be consistent and it should never happen while you have your foot on the brake pedal. If the rattle becomes more common, make sure to schedule an appointment to bring the vehicle in.


Brake screeching is always a serious problem, and should be dealt with immediately. There are two major causes of brake grinding. When your brakes are making a loud grinding sound when you press on the pedal, this is almost always caused by contact of the rotor disc with part of the caliper. This is usually because of extreme wear to the brake pads or rotors. If you wait until your brakes grind before bringing the vehicle in, it could result in a larger repair bill. They will require a much more expensive repair. Another reason the brakes may make a grinding sound is when a foreign object gets stuck somewhere in the caliper. When this happens, the brakes will usually make a consistent grinding or screeching sound when the vehicle is in motion.

Since the brakes are a vital part of your vehicle, it is important to have us perform an inspection for the brake system. By having us inspect it, we can make sure that a problem is resolved before further damage can develop. Regular inspections can help prevent the chance of a costly repair bill when the brake system is repaired. This can help provide a safe and reliable ride again.

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