Fluids to Inspect on a Regular Basis



The transmission fluid in your vehicle is beneficial because it is what helps to keep your vehicle working properly. This is because it lubricates and cools down your vehicle as needed. The transmission fluid can also help you to avoid costly repairs on transmission problems down the road. If you inspect the transmission fluid at home, you should pay attention to what color it is. If the color is dark or black in color, it should be replaced soon. Ideally the transmission fluid should be red or green. Dirty transmission fluid can cause damage to your transmission, and result in higher repair bills.


The oil is one of the most important fluids for your vehicle. It is able to lubricate, protect, and cool the engine as it operates. Staying on a schedule to change the oil regularly can be beneficial for your overall maintenance. As the oil is used in the vehicle, it begins to collect soot and other particles from the engine. Over time, these particles will rub over the engine components and cause wear and tear to them.


The brake fluid is hydraulic fluid that gives your brakes the pressure and power needed to stop the vehicle. As the brake fluid ages, it will collect moisture and will need to be replaced. This is because the moisture content will get to high, and make the fluid less efficient. The moisture content happens slowly, so the brake fluid may need to be replaced once every one or two years. If you notice that the brake fluid becomes low, it may indicate that there is a problem with your vehicle.


The coolant is the fluid in your vehicle that helps control the heat that is produced under the hood. Excessive heat can cause major damage to parts of your vehicle. The coolant is a fluid that has additives in it so it is less likely to harm the vehicle. The coolant has corrosion inhibitors and lubricant for the coolant pump, to help avoid any damage to the system.



The power steering fluid helps to supply power to turn the wheel of your vehicle easily. When seals and other internal parts begin to wear out, the fluid can become contaminated with dust or debris. If anytime you notice a change in how your vehicle is handling, make sure to bring it in so we can inspect it. This way, you can have a pleasant driving experience.

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